Parent Handbook

Delivery and Collection of Children


Each day on arrival parents or guardians must sign in for their child with the time of arrival at the desk. Sign in sheets are located at reception. Children must be given into the care of an Educator. Please do not leave your child unattended in a room or playground.


When collecting your child, parents or guardians must sign out with the time of departure. Children can only leave the service after a parent or authorised nominee on the enrolment form has signed them out. If you wish another adult to collect your child please notify Administration staff who can add the authorised nominee to your child's file for future reference. Identification will be required for authorised nominees upon arrival of the Centre if they are unknown to Educators.


Should an unauthorised person attempt to collect your child, you will be notified. If you are unavailable your emergency contacts and/or people authorised by you will be called. Children will not be released to unauthorised persons.


In cases where there are Custodial issues it is required that parents/guardians notify the Director and provide all relevant documentation relating to the legal custody of the child and any court orders.


Withdrawal of Children

The Centre requires at least two weeks written notice of intention to withdraw a child or to reduce the child's days of care, or two weeks fees will be charged. Please note that if the child does not attend on their last day of care they will be charged full fees as CCS will not be paid for an absence on the last day.



Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children are fully immunised. Children who are not immunised are enrolled by the Centre, however in the case of an outbreak of some infectious diseases exclusion periods may apply, depending on advice from the Public Health Unit. The exclusion table adopted by the Centre is that recommended by the National Health and Medical Research Council. To be eligible for Child Care Subsidy, your children must meet immunisation requirements if they are under the age of seven. These include:


  • your child's immunisation is up to date, or
  • your child is on a catch-up immunisation schedule, or
  • you have an approved exemption from the immunisation requirements for your child

A record of all children's immunisations is kept at the Centre.


It is the responsibility of parents to check when further vaccinations are due and it is recommended that children's vaccinations be kept up to date. Please ensure you notify Administration staff when there is a change/update in your child's immunisation status.


If we receive a report of a case of a communicable disease such as chicken pox or measles parents will be notified by the posting of a notice on the door of each Unit. Non immunised children will be excluded from the Centre if there is a case of measles, diphtheria or whooping cough.