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Collaborative Partnerships with Families

parent 400We believe that strong partnerships between parents and Educators are the key to providing a high quality service that meets the needs of both children and their families. In maintaining effective relationships it is important the lines of communication are always kept open. Educators cannot always predict parent's concerns or questions, so please be active in approaching the Director and Room Leaders for discussions.

We value parental input into the program. We welcome your participation and recognise the importance of this for your children. We value the individuality and uniqueness of each family and what they can bring to the Centre. While we understand that many families have work and study commitments and cannot always be physically involved in the Program, we do encourage inclusion through other avenues like sharing your child's interests, special family events and cultural celebrations. Your child may like to bring in a book for group time, photographs for room displays, even something interesting they have found in the garden to share with friends.

A communication pocket is provided for each family. Pockets are labelled and are centrally located in the hallway of the Centre. Centre information such as newsletters and upcoming events are placed in the family pockets.

Management expects all adults to behave in a responsible and mature manor when in the Centre. All adults need to be appropriately dressed and use non offensive language.

Meeting with Staff

As you will be aware Educators who are on duty are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the children. Therefore it is not always easy for them to speak at length with you. If you wish to speak to a staff member at length please advise the Director who will arrange supervision for the children and a quiet place for you to talk, or can alternatively arrange a suitable time for a meeting.